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    Brenda, USA

    Electronic Standardization Engineer

    "At Schneider, I’m not just a number. I’m made to feel like an individual. I love that my opinion is heard … that it matters."

    Making a difference and baking a difference

    Brenda Sanchez lives to help people, and free cake is always a help … especially if you’re a child in need. She gives away her sweets to ailing children and their families through a charity organization of like-minded bakers. "Being good to people is my everyday goal," she explains. "I like to remind them that good things can happen." Brenda is also good to her team of electronic designers around the world as the custodian of their Power Management Technologies database. But she sees techniques in engineering and baking as the same: "Everything has a recipe — I look for new ingredients and new ways to give help. It’s just that sometimes the help I give has frosting on it!"
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