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Where can I find installation files for Power Monitoring Expert 8.1 ( PME 8.1) ?

This is the Power Monitoring Expert 8.1 standard and Buildings Edition DVD (ISO):
PME 8.1 Standard Edition Installer - Box

PME 8.1 Healthcare Edition Installer - Box

PME 8.1 Datacenter Edition Installer - Box

In order to be sure that the ISO file is not corrupted during the download, we recommend using a file checksum integrity verifier to check that your local download is OK, please find the instructions and necessary files to do it in the above links!

NOTE: If you are planning to upgrade a PME v7.2 system to PME 8.1 make sure you have your permanent PME 8.1 licences in hand before proceeding. The PME 8.1 Trial licence will NOT be present if a PME trial licence previously existed in that machine.

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