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What is the performance of iC60 at 460V?
The iC60 is not compliant with 460V network,as per the performance table,the maximum operating Voltage Is 440V. 
Est-ce que le déclencheur magnéto-thermique du Disjoncteur NSX monophasé est fixe ou réglable ?
Le déclencheur magnéto-thermique du Disjoncteur NSX monophasé est fixe  
Trip unit Thermal Magnetic for Single pole breakers NSX is Fixed or adjustable?
The Thermal Magnetic trip unit for Single pole NSX breaker is Fixed.
How to change page resolution in configured project of Vijeo Citect?
In order to change the resolution of the pages in Vijeo Citect project do following things:          1. Add the following INI parameter through Computer...
What is the replacement for reference 26924 (OF auxiliary contact for Multi9)
please note that reference 26924 is the OF auxiliary contact for Multi9 MCB,if the client has the MCB and needs to replace the auxiliary contact,we...
Open time, close time of breaker and contact resistance
Please find attached catalog page indicating the -closing time - Break time (ms) between tripping order and arc extinction. - Contact resistance values....
What is the touch screen sensing type for Magelis XBT GT terminals.
Magelis XBT GT series terminals have resistance type touch panel.The touch panel is made of two screens on which they use a transparent resistive...
How many Current transformers (CT) are used in Altistart 48 Soft Starter.
In the 'Q' range Altistart 48 Soft Starter two Current Transformers (CT) are used. In the 'Y' range Altistart 48 Soft Starter, three Current Transformers...
What is the booting time of Altistart 48 soft starter.
The booting time for the Altistart 48 soft starter (switch-off/switch-on) is approximately 1 second.
Do we have a DeviceNet / Modbus RTU Gateway?
We have the LUFP9 gateway ,which allows a master located on a DeviceNet network to enter into a dialogue with slaves on a Modbus RTU network. This...
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