Server Rooms

Complete physical infrastructure solution with high availability and efficiency and low Total Cost of Ownership
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Server Rooms
Reliable, Integrated, Manageable
  • Presentation

    Tailored server room solutions that are fully integrated, quickly and easily deployable and easily managed with DCIM.

  • Benefits


    • Energy cost management - Enables accurate cost analysis of energy use on a kW/h basis, detailed to the rack level
    • Multi-vendor asset support - Provides support for multiple types of IT assets and hardware platforms.
    • Network management - Provides proactive power and environmental management via web and/or SNMP
    • One-to-many device control - View, configure and control multiple vendor’s IT devices through one console for secure and easy server management.


    • Easy to install - Innovative design allows for fast, easy installation by almost anybody.
    • Pre-engineered system - Allows for fast design and installation


    • Modular design - Increases adaptability with an open architecture configurable to any IT environment.
    • Scalable runtime - Allows additional run time to be quickly added as needed.
    • Standardized components - Reduces risk of failure, minimizes human error, and lowers mean-time-to-repair