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    VPP enables Utility to access more resources and flexible loads

    VPP enables Utility to access more resources and flexible loads

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    Prepare for a carbon free world, EPA clean power plan, distributed energy resources, economic efficiency for all participants, utility access to energy & demand. VPP is a low cost alternative.

    Why work with Schneider Electric

    • Prosumer icon What is a Virtual Power Plant? A Virtual Power Plant (VPP) is an aggregated portfolio of Distributed Energy Resources and Controllable Loads into energy blocks which can be used to participate in Energy Markets and offer Services to the System Operator.
    • Integration icon Enable Efficient Economic Participation in Energy Market Virtual Power Plants enable Utilities to access more resources by "monetizing" customer owned or third-party Distributed Energy Resources and Load Flexibility. The Utility could take advantage of these resources to defer uneconomic investments or relieve capacity constraints.


    • Blue integration icon VPP can use a standard interface (Open ADR) for easy interaction.
    • Default Alternative Text Reduce or delay capital investments in energy distribution or supply assets.