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Electrical Distribution

                            Systems approach



                            In an area where safety of people and equipment requires excellence and where downtimes present real problems, the Schneider Electric Systems lets you increase the reliability of your installations.

                            The combination of products in switchboards is simplified thanks to the consistency of the installation, connection and communication systems. Continuity of supply reaches unparalleled levels thanks to inter-switchgear discrimination and cascading.

                            Schneider Electric Systems guarantee the top of quality products, complying with international standards and local certifications.

                                 MV switchboard system 1 to 36kV: A wide range of easy-to-use compact cubicles
                                Low Voltage Circuits-breakers ans switches: High flexibility, Increased productivity

                                 Network Management: Installation under control                                                                      
                                 Switchgears and modular enclosures up to 125A: Fully compatible from 0,5 to 125
                                 Functional system for LV building switchboards: Configurations for tertiary and industrial buildings.

                                    Customers Pre-sales Software: from pre-design to installation design