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Finding the right enclosure is not easy. There are many variables: diverse application needs, indoor or outdoor environment considerations and differing project requirements to name just a few.
A complete offer of enclosures in 3 material solutions are ready to solve all requirements for the most demanding environments and applications.

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Increasingly, electrical equipment is installed outdoors to be closer to users, applications and power supplies. Also outdoor projects can take place almost anywhere and are exposed to:

  • Extreme heat, cold, humidity, dust, etc.
  • Overheating and device malfunction
  • Installation constrains like power supplies, lifting, weight, assembly
    Corrosion, vandalism, impacts

Answer the outdoor electrical installation challenge with heavy duty control panel solutions.

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ClimaSys range of comprehensive devices and solutions, plus the updated version of ProClima thermal calculation software are fully optimized for indoor and outdoor applications in order to maintain the correct humidity and temperature balance to protect sensitive electronic equipment.

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