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Electrical Energy

      Solutions for Electrical Energy


      Main drivers

      • Reliability of supply to match huge demand
      • Environmental pressure to reduce CO² emission
      • Growing demand with aging assets and workforce
      • Liberalization process on the value chain
      • Use of new IT and Communications technologies

      What can Schneider Electric do?

      • Increased power availability: Providing optimized solutions to increase your power quality and to reduce the System Average Interruption Duration Index (SAIDI) as well as reduce your network outages.

      • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): Cost savings thanks to reduced capital and operating costs will lead you to increased your revenue.

      • Implementation agility: Speed in implementation and operation as well as ability to scale fast will allow you to adapt your electrical network easily with reduced skill requirements.

      Success Stories


      • Jacksonville Electric Authority - USA: Divide by 50 the Power Quality report analysis time
      • Austin Energy, Texas - USA: Improve drastically power quality data reliability
      • Idaho Power utility - USA: Fix must faster the issues caused by power quality events
      • EPM Utility - Colombia: Improve EPM utility customer processes thanks to real time energy data and remote control
      • Utility in Marrakech – MOROCCO: L500 instead of Scada project, divide by 3 the cost of a traditional Scada project.
      • Utility in Rabat – MOROCCO: Substitution of existing old SCADA-DMS, divide by 2 power shortage.
      • Utility in Irbid – JORDANIA: Automation of Fault Detectors, divide by 10 the maintenance time.

      > EDEMSA : Increase revenue by decreasing the substation transformer losses
      > NEPCO : Divide by 5 the data billing measurement errors
      > Oncor : Highly enhance the communication costs in remote areas