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Oil & Gas

          Solutions for Oil & Gas


          Main drivers

          • Oil prices and production shortage, drives upstream investment in harsh environment, recovery on existing, unconventional resources, more projects, larger, more complex.
          • Environment constraints increase power: higher short circuit levels and rated voltage requirements.
          • Safety, Security, Reliability and environmental impact remains a key concern.
          • Gas Growing demand increases number of LNG applications.
          • Increasing demand for local content: National Companies higher & mix role with GOC.
          • More intelligent field devices to drive control, speed and maintenance monitoring.
          • Global resource shortage: material, equipment and manpower costs increasing (tight competition for resources and skills).
          • Impact of health & safety and environment regulations (CO2 capture) drives demand for more maintenance and services, and investments to reduce the sulfur of the gasoline (Refineries).
          • Safety requirement getting down to all equipments.

          What can Schneider Electric do?

          • Secure your power availability: through global power solutions.
          • Prevent pumps and fan breakdowns: thanks to iMCC attached variable-speed drive solutions.
          • Get rid of electric disturbances: with harmonic filtering & power factor correction solutions.
          • Ensure total remote control of jack-pumps: with onshore scattered oilfield business solution.
          • Secure boosting station power & control: through transport & storage business solutions.
          • Comply with safety and security requirement: thanks to safety & security solutions.