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Can AR7715 be Used with Other Side Airflow Devices?

Need to know if the AR7715 can be used with other equipment that requires side airflow.

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NetShelter SX

All models and serial ranges.
Customers may want to use the  AR7715 with other side airflow equipment.
The AR7715 Side Air Flow Duct Kit is designed specifically for use with Cisco’s side airflow switches; the Catalyst 6509, 6509E, 6513 and the MDS 9509 and 9513 Multilayer Directors.
The AR7715 can also be used with other Cisco 6500 series (such as a 6506) and 9500 series switches, but all components of the kit will not be used. The rear baffle connecting the top and bottom duct cannot be installed without field modification, because the other switches in this family are smaller. This is not a concern, since the smaller switches also have significantly lower airflow requirements. The top and bottom duct alone will supply the smaller switches with sufficient airflow.

Cisco's 6807-XL can be installed into the AR7715. 
The AR7715 can be used with other brands of side air flow devices. To insure proper operation the airflow path should be similar to the Cisco models with similar chassis dimensions: 17.5” W x 18.2” D. The height of the AR7715 is adjustable from 24.49” to 33.35”.
It should also be noted that the AR7715 has its own shelves that must be used to mount the equipment. Make sure that the equipment can be mounted in the shelves that ship with the AR7715. For illustration of these shelves please see page 4 of the manual: 

If you have any further questions or inquiries please contact Schneider Electric, ITB Technical Support.
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