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How do you set up and route through SY/MAX NIM modules to a SY/MAX PLC using 8010 SFW572 WINMATE Software?

The first 3-digit number represents the source. The source is the connection point between the personal computer

and the Network. The last 3-digit number represents the destination. The destination is the connection point between
the SY/MAX processor and the Network. The first digit of the 3-digit number indicates the port on the NIM
(Network Interface Module) to which the computer or processor is connected. The first digit can be a 1 or 0, indicating
one of two ports on the NIM.


Shown below is a simple routing path from a PC through 2 NIM modules

Note: The Sy/Max product line is obsolete and the recommended replacement or this would be the M580 product family with Unity Pro, for more information on this contact you local distributor or Schneider sales office.
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