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Direct Ethernet devices/sites will not connect in Management Console when using a leading zero in the IP address octets

Ethernet devices/sites added in Management Console with a leading zero for the IP address octet will not connect.

Product Line
Power Monitoring Expert 9.0
Power Monitoring Expert 8.x
Power Monitoring Expert 7.2.x
StruxureWare Power Monitoring 7.0.x
ION Enterprise 6.0.1

Management Console

Windows utilities can accept IP addresses comprised of decimal, octal, or hexadecimal numbers. This will cause issues if you unintentionally use a leading zero in a decimal octet. With a leading zero, the number is typically resolved by these utilities as an octal number, specifying the incorrect IP address.

When configuring IP addresses in Management Console, decimal format is desired.

The different IP address formats can be found below: (decimal)
012.0254.072.0145 (octal)
0xA.0xAC.0x3A.0x65 (hexadecimal)

For example:
A device may have the IP address of in decimal. However, the user configures the IP address to be or in Management Console. This would in turn specify the respective IP octets in octal which is not the desired result. Therefore, the user will need to delete the leading zeros for Management Console to connect properly.
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