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The contactor LP1D80008MD is mechanically struck after 0.8mn operation, but the power and auxiliary contacts are ok. What are the possible causes of this problem?

The product was analized and the reply below is based on the finding during the tests done in lab. The recommendations may be applicable for other range of contactors too, if similar problem is observed.

Symptoms description:
1. The failed contactors were mechanically struck and No issues with the contacts.
2. Relays and contacts were in good condition.
3. We suspect the contactor spring is the main issue as it is not releasing properly

Analysis and findings:
Mobile power pole holder did not return fully all the time to up position, because presence of foreign substance and dust inside product created a failure on the inner mechanism.
The presence of dust/foreign substance creates a resistance that opposes the force of the return spring.

After proper cleaning of the product is done in lab and no failure was found in after cleaning. The contactor was able to perform more than 10000 operation without any problem. 

Recommendations for your installed base:
Based on the provided information and evidences found during the analysis, we suspect a failure due to important presence of dust and foreign substance which created a obstruction on the internal mechanism.
We recommend to you to check the IP level of the product application, and to increase the IP level if the product is used in a dusty environment.
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