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How to program the ATV212 drive for RUN Forward, RUN Reverse and three second after the Forward / Reverse command the motor has to run at preset speed?

As a first step, you should update the motor nameplate parameters in drive and do a auto-tuning (F400 = 2).

Recommended Parameters setting:
1. F111 - LI F Selection ---> 2 (Run Forward)
2. F112 - LI R Selection ---> 3 (Run Reverse)
3. F113 - LI RES selection ---> 6 (Preset speed - SR1)
4. SR1 - Preset speed 1 ---> 50 HZ  or your desired speed.
5. CNOD - Command mode selection ---> 0 (logic Input)

After doing above parameter settings, 
a) the drive will run in forward direction, if you give LIF & LI RES inputs.
b) the drive will run in reverse direction, if you give LIR & LI RES inputs. 

Please find the attached page extract from programming manual for reference. 

Unfortunately, the time delay setting for preset speed is not possible in ATV212 drive. Hence you will have to use a external "ON Delay timer" for input LI RES for delay setting as you desired. The LI RES input should be given through ON delay timer, so that the drive will get delayed preset speed command to enable the required delay after Forward or Reverse command. 
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