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I have the following inquiries regarding the NW 40b : - The rated transient recovery voltage of NW40b draw out - The rated operating sequence

Thanks to be informed that The Transient recovery voltage (TRV) is not linked to LV Circuit Breakers but linked with the parasite capacitive network. Our LV circuit breakers conform to IEC Standard 60947-2 and this standard did not define anything for TRV. Generally the TRV is defined and linked to HV circuit breakers. For more information, please refer to the following link:

Regarding the rated operational sequence of the Masterpact NW ACB,

Masterpact ACB conforms with IEC Standard 60947-2 which specifies the Rated Operating Sequence as 'O-t-CO-t-CO' where t can be specified by the manufacturer but should not be less than 3 minutes. Schneider Electric have tested the device in above mentioned sequence by taking the t as 3 minutes. Please find attached an extract from the IEC illustrating the rated service short circuit capacity and the test operation

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