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I would like to get the charateristics of restistance to voltage dips for LTMCU

As we know that LTMCU has following functions

The LTMCU can be used to:
> configure parameters for the LTMR controller,
> display information about the LTMR controller configuration and operation,
> monitor detected faults and warnings detected by the controller,
> control the motor locally using the local control interface.

The LTMCU receives the supply voltage via the LTMR controller , so the resistance to voltage dips of LTMCU will be same as that of LTMR controller. Please refer the attached file.

If the supply voltage dip goes down to 0V for a time not greater than 3ms we guarantee that TeSys T will support it.
If the supply voltage dip goes down to 70% of nominal voltage ( 16.8VDC for 24VDC product and 70VAC for 100 to 240 ) for a time not greater than 500ms we garantee that TeSys T wil support it.
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