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Setting Battery Remaining on ION8650 Firmware v40X

Unable to reset battery remaining on ION8650 with firmware v40X after replacing the battery.

Product Line

ION8650 meters with firmware prior to v4.20

Firmware prior to v4.20 calculates battery used rather than battery remaining and updates output register. This value is displayed on the front display Nameplate screen.

ION Setup has been designed in such a manner that if the meter is placed in Test Mode and the user edits the “Percent Battery Remaining” value, that it will update with that value. However, the ION8650 firmware was redesigned from the older ION8600 firmware, so it incorrectly recomputes the value such that the customer sees a completely different number once the register is updated shortly after (i.e. the value will be set to the value which is written but then 1 or 2 seconds later, it will change to something more along the lines of how much battery has been used instead). 

An example is shown below:
First image is when customer enters in 90% for the Percent Battery Remaining in ION Setup.

After accepting the new value, register takes a few seconds to update then changes the inputted value.

Upgrade to ION8650 firmware v4.20 or later.
The latest version of firmware V4.21 can be dlownloaded here
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