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What is the Export Control Classification Number (ECCN)? Is it applicable for Mcset range?

An Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) is an alphanumeric designation (i.e., 1A984 or 4A001) used in the CCL (commerce control list) to identify items for export control purposes.
An ECCN categorizes items based on the nature of the product, i.e. type of commodity, technology or software and its respective technical parameters.
Once the ECCN has been identified, you can determine the reasons for control of the item, which transactions may require an export license based on the country of destination, and which license exceptions, if any, may apply.

MCset has not been identified as dual-use product (such as commodities, technology and software that have both civilian and military or proliferation applications); accordingly ECCN is not applicable for this equipment range.

For further information on ECCN definitions, please see attached ECCN brochure introduced by U.S Department of commerce. 
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