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Can we disable/ignore the communication fault for soft starter ATS48?

for ATS48 you do not have similar parameter for each & every fault like that available for drives ATV61/71 for example, What we have in ATS48 is to inhibit all faults through a logic input (LI3,LI4)
As long as the logic input (LI3 or LI4) has 24VDC applied to it the softstart will ignore all faults and attempt to run the motor when a run command is issued.
Use of this setting will void the warranty on the product.
Kindly refer to the attached documents from the manual.
So, the issue in case of ATS48 is that inhibiting fault allows operation without taking into account if the starter is faulty, all protection functions are inhibited without any exceptions (i.e. you will not be capable to inhibit only the communication fault, either ignore all or take all into account), ATS will keep the motor running as long as the run command is active regardless the presence of any fault.
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