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What are the dc power consumption values (110V dc) & mode of supply (permanent, short time, starting) for SF circuit breakers used in SM6-24?

Attached pages gives the power consumption of different auxiliary devices used with SF circuit breakers. 
Information summarized below in reference to attached simplified wiring diagram for 110V dc power supply:
Type of auxiliary device Power consumption (W) @ 110Vdc Mode of supply/average duration Re-occurrence
Shunt closing release 50W short time/50ms each closing cycle (according to application)
Shunt opening release 50W short time/70ms each opening cycle (according to application)
Under voltage release
  • triggering: 100W
  • latched: 10W
Continuous (10W) Continuous
Electrical motor with gearing 380W short time/15s each closing cycle (re-arming of the closing spring), according to switching cycles/application

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