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The possibility to connect the wires of the PTC probe up to the TeSys T terminals T1-T2, going through the drawer's plug and additional wires inside the drawer inside Blockset type MW-1 .

Yes, this is possible.
As we took in consideration the following :
The probe sensor is one of those proposed by Schneider Electric in our catalog (DA1TTxxx)..
The response curve of a PTC sensor is such that at temperatures close to the NOT (Nominal Operating Temperature), the variation of resistance is huge for a small variation of temperature. On the opposite, at other temperatures, the variation of resistance is low when the temperature varies.
Adding between the probe and TeSys T a connector to get inside the drawer and a cable inside the drawer will result in an additional resistance between the probe and TeSys T.
However, as the protection for overheating of the motor works on a threshold and as the NOT of the probe shall be chosen to be close to this threshold, the slight increase of temperature resulting from the additional connection and cable will be low compared to the increase of resistance at NOT.

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