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Can you please advise me regarding the mechanical interlock for 3 out of 5 breakers. All breakers are NW type ACB.

For interlocking 3 out of 5 devices, we can offer the following: 
- 5 pieces of adaptation kit (one in each breaker): 64925. 
- 5 keylocks with the same key profile (one for each breaker): 33190 for Ronis type. 

Important: Only 3 keys must be kept on site at one time. Never all five keys. 

The keylock reference numbers are only examples. In the Masterpact catalog we have more reference numbers for the different key profiles. I attached the catalog page with the reference numbers which can be chosen marked with yellow. 
The important thing is to choose a keylock with identified key number, for example EL24315. 
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