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Could you please confirm whether FDM121 could comply with below monitoring requirement or not. We know that FDM121 is a display module and accuracy is achieved by the breaker.. is our NSX breaker abl

The FDM121 is used only with Micrologic 5 / 6, type A and E.

1- Micrologic E calculates demand current and power values.
These calculations can be made using a block or sliding interval that can be set from 5 to 60 minutes in steps of 1 minute. The window can be synchronized with a signal sent via the communication system. Whatever the calculation method, the calculated values can be recovered on a PC via Modbus communication.

the FDM121 screen shows demand, power quality and maximeter/minimeter values along with alarms, histories and maintenance indicators.

2- The Micrologic E measures the energy consumed since the last reset of the meter. The active energy meter can be reset via the keypad and the FDM121 display unit or the communication system.
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