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how to set solar as the first priority during day & night time, only one discharge cycle is utilized but the battery is quickly recharged through grid (to be used in case of grid outage only)

Yes, it is possible to use the PV system to be the priority in powering the load and the Grid supply AC1 to assist the heavy loads. You should configure the "grid support mode" in the inverter for this function.

The Grid Support Settings menu contains configuration options for grid-tie operation. To enable these settings, Grid Support must be enabled in the Setup menu (see “Conext XW+ Setup Menu” on page 3–2). In grid support mode, the Conext XW+ supports the utility grid by limiting the
power drawn from the utility to close to zero. This mode is desirable for using excess energy from auxiliary DC sources like PV, while still maintaining a charged battery bank. No power is sold to the utility in this mode.

Please refer the video in link below, the grid support mode and other possible configuraiton are explained.

Kindly note this operation can be achieved, in case you have the AC1 supply with your Connext XW inverter/charger

Please ensure the MPPT charge controller is set for 3-stage charging (advanced settings / Charger settings / Charge Cycle [3stage]

In this scenario, MPPT will charge batteries and inverter will take battery power to run loads. If load power exceeds PV power, battery voltage will drop. If battery voltage drops below threshold value, the unit will issue warning W48, then will shutdown. If the AC1 supply is present, it will charge the battery and continue to support the load connected.

If you don't want the grid supply to charge the battery during night time, you can set the charge block start and charge block stop time setting in inverter, During the time period set between Chg Block Start and Chg Block Stop, AC1 (Grid) input continues to be passed through to the loads. Inverter operation remains unaffected during the charger block period.

You can get more information's about the setting of Grid support mode & charge block setting in user manual available in below link.

We believe the information provided will clarify your query. Please feel free to contact us for any of further assistance.
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