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he customer need to tap a common alarm signal as below to interface with BMS system.

Yes, it is possible to configure a common alarm(warning) output relay for all the alarm configured in ATV630 drive. 

You should configure the parameters 
[R2 Assignment] r2 = [Warning Grp 1]AG1 
[Warning group 1 definition] A1C = you should select the group of warnings to activate he relay output R2. Please refer the attached list of warning can be configured in warning group 1 to 5. 

[Complete settings] --> [Error/Warning handling] --> [Warning groups config] --> [Warn grp 1 definition] 

The following sub menus group the warnings into 1 to 5 groups, each of which can be assigned to a relay or a digital output for remote signaling. When one or a number of warnings selected in a group occurs, this warning group is activated. 

We believe the information provided above will clarify your query. Please feel free to contact us for any of further assistance.
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