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We know how to do the connection between af MTN682291 and a Beimo drive. But if we have a customer that wants to have 16 Belimo drives we have some questions about how to wire. Only one power suppl

!! At first  In case of connecting valve drive to analogue actuator MTN682291, powered 24V AC, it must be used two of 24V AC power supplies (please see first attached picture), otherwise if will be powered analogue actuator and valve from one power supply, the analogue actuator will damage its outputs. 

1. One analogue actuator has current consumption up to 308mA, therefore for powering 4pcs of actuators should be used power supply with current more then 1.2A. 
2. From case description is not clear what type of Belimo drive s are used in application, therefore I can only guess that is the Belimo LF24-SR. 
One Belimo drive has power consumption in standby mode (1W) and (2.5W) in working mode, therefore in case of 16pcs of those drives you have to count 40W power supply for them. And also I would recommend to use all four analogue actuator outputs (4x4drives). Please see attached picture for the connection. 
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