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Variable speed drives ATV600 ATV900 Altivar Process Floor-standing high-power drives information

The floor-standing IP 21/IP 54 drive offers integrate:
- The drive power and control modules
- Semiconductor protection fuses
- Line chokes to limit THDI levels
- A filter to protect the motor against the effects of dv/dt
- Accessible busbars to simplify the motor wiring and power wiring
The IP 54 variant is fitted with additional equipment, such as:
- A main switch with external handle
- A system for separating the cooling air flow between the power and control parts,
allowing operation in a very polluted environment as well as optimum
management of thermal stress in the plant room
Altivar Process drives can also be supplied as Engineered Drive System variants
from 110 kW to 1500 kW, developed by Schneider Electric based on customer
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