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What is EcoDesign Regulation EU 548-2014 for transformers? Which transformers have been impacted?

What is it?
EcoDesign is a European Union regulation which came into force in 11th June 2014 in the 28 countries of European Union. This new legislation imposes, within the EU, the maximum level of losses for transformers placed in the market or put into service from 1st July 2015 and purchased after 11th June 2014.
After the date of entry into force, manufacturers should not engage in new framework contracts for transformers with energy efficiency specifications below the minimum requirements outlined in the regulation.
Framework contracts signed before 11th June 2014 can go on until the end date, even with deliveries after 1st July 1 2015

Why this regulation?
- EcoDesign aims for two major objectives on the Transformer product:
  • Reduce electrical losses (1st step in 2015/ 2nd step in 2021)
  • Clarify and make more visible indication of performance.
- Harmonization of maximum loss levels in the European Union:
  • Efficiency request on medium power transformers for the 1st time.
Which transformers are impacted?
- All transformers exceeding 1 kVA and with the high voltage higher than 1 kV
- Oil Distribution and Dry-type transformers (≤ 3150 kVA) with high voltage winding above 1.1 kV up to and up to 36 kV
- Medium power and Large power transformers > 3150 kVA and higher than 36 kV (limited to 10 MVA 36 kV for Dry-type Transformers).
Note: Special transformers are not impacted by this regulation (please refer to restriction list for details).

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