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What are the authorized losses levels for transformers in EcoDesign regulation EU 548-2014?

For Oil Distribution and Dry-type transformers (≤ 3150 kVA):
  • Losses levels to be applied (reference of MV ≤ 24 kV and LV ≤ 1.1 kV).
  • ODT and CRT not covered by reference transformers (additional losses allowed compared to standard losses ranges): 
  • Medium power and power transformers: Level of Peak Efficiency (Mix of load losses and no load losses) for transformers > 3150 kVA (limited to 10 MVA 36 kV for Dry-type Transformers)
              - No losses levels imposed but minimum PEI (Peak Efficiency Index)
              - PEI corresponds to:
                        - the maximum efficiency of the transformer
                        - Ratio between the no load losses and losses

The values given are Maximal value; no more tolerances on design considered:
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