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What is the heat dissipation of ATV630 and ATV650 variable speed drives ?

The heat dissipation  information is available in the installation manual through the link below, as table for all ratings with information of correspondent power dissipation as well as air flow:

The difference between ATV630 and ATV650 is an enclosure and the switch on ATV650 body (option). But the losses generated by ATV630 and ATV650 are the same.

Regarding the forced cooled area and natural cooled area the situation is following:
Every ATV630 and 650 has internal cooling fan. The heat generated by ATV can be transferred to the ambient environment thru two ways:
1. via the forced ventilation - it means internal fans blow the air through ATV power parts and this forced air removes heat from ATV (mostly form power parts)
2. via natural heat transfer. Every part of ATV that has greater temperature than ambient environment causes heat transfer.
The reason we provide two parts of heat losses is following:
- If you install ATV630 in the cabinet, then calculate total losses as forced losses + natural losses if you want to design ventilation of the cabinet
- If you use kit for flush mounting, then forced air is blown outside the enclosure (the air can be with dust) while all electronic circuits are naturally cooled from the air inside the cabinet. That is why you have to design cooling of enclosure only for natural losses (because forced losses are outside)

As you can notice, high power drives show forced losses much greater than natural losses. It is because IGBT losses increases directly with the current, while losses from electronic circuit does not increases proportionally to motor current.
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