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How to change the IP address of Automation Server?

Cause: Sometimes the IP address information for an Automation Server must be changed after being added to an Enterprise Server to accommodate changes in IP network design, correction of incorrect data, or any other reason. Changing the IP address needs to be done in the proper method to avoid artifacts and confusion after the change.



To avoid complications follow this process to modify the IP address of an Automation Server that is already communicating with an Enterprise Server.

1. In the Building Operation Device Administrator connect the AS controller via USB or IP

2. Right click on the AS and select Network Settings

3. Modify the IP address settings to the new values


Additionally this can be changed through PuTTY with the "setup" command.

4. Power Cycle the Automation Server (If a power cycle is not completed the AS will still have invalid data for network settings despite the physical network interface running with the new settings)

5. Start Building Operation Workstation and log in to the Enterprise Server

6. Select the Enterprise Server and open the Communication Tab


7. Highlight the Automation Server that needs to be changed and modify the address field for the IP address of the device. (The Communications settings tab is enabled by selecting the Show/Hide tick icon).

8. Click the Save button

The Enterprise Server should now automatically establish communication with the AS, but if you want to speed this process you can right click the Enterprise Server and select the "Advanced\Repair Server Communication" option.

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