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Please support us whether we can do secondary injection test on the following ACB using Full-function Test Kit 1: ACB – MERLINGERIN : M25N1 : Micro logic STR38S 2: ACB – MERLINGERIN : M25N1 : Wit

Masterpact M is old obsolete range (1987-2000), no longer managed by L2/L3, but by the Ecofit center (Services Department). Currently, the products used for secondary injection are the Full Function Test Kit (FFTK) and the Hand Held Test Kit (HHTK). Neither the FFTK nor the HHTK are compatible with the inquired about trip units. 

For such old and obsolete trip units, we used to have a product named as the "Universal Test Box" and it had a P/N of 43362. Its leaflet (Universal Test Kit - 43362.pdf) and product info (Product Info - 43362.pdf) are attached. A better picture for the Universal Test Kit can be found attached (Universal Test Kit 2 - 43362.pdf). 
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