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What is the replacement of ATV71HC11N4D ?

 The reference   ATV71HC11N4D    is no longer commercialized and unfortunately it has no direct replacement , hence we need to consider the below points while selection of ATV930 as replacement for ATV71. 

1. The drive range ATV71 rating mentioned in catalog are considering heavy duty application and the drive hardware are designed accordingly. But ATV930 drive references are available for both normal duty and heavy duty application. The catalog clearly specify the references and related motor power rating for Normal duty & Heavy duty applications. So if you are choosing the replacement for ATV71 drive, you should always choose the "Heavy Duty" reference mentioned in catalog, which will be one rating higher than normal duty rating. 

2. If so, the rating of reference ATV71HC11N4D (Heavy duty 110KW) = ATV930C13N4C (Heavy duty 110KW & Normal duty 132KW), but when you choose for a new project, the reference should be selected depends upon the type of application. 

3. The ATV71 references ATV71H075N4…HC16N4 drives have a built-in dynamic brake transistor. But the ATV930 reference till ATV930D90N4 has built-in dynamic braking transistor. So if you are connecting a braking resistor with existing ATV71HC11N4D drive, you should order VW3A7105  (Braking Unit) to connect the braking resistor with ATV930C13N4C. 

Hence so sum it up, we suggest the following composition as a replacement   ATV930C13N4C   +   VW3A7105  , for further information, kindly check the data sheet link below:


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