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How to identify if your NSM is an NSM5300 which is running on DELL hardware?

You can use Pelco Utilities to determine if you have any NSM5300 units on your network by doing the following:


1) Open the Pelco Utilities program


2) Login to Pelco Utilities with an admin account (default username: "admin", default password: "admin") 
    *NOTE: The username and/or password may be different if you have changed them from the default.



3) After you login, click on "Search" and wait for it to finish searching, then click on "SM Search" and wait for it to finish as shown below.



4) Make sure you are on the "System Attributes" tab and then click on "NSD" in the Model column as shown below


5) From the list of NSD devices on the right hand side, double click on any one of the listings as shown below



6) You will now be in the "Devices" tab and an "Endura NSD" device should be highlighted on the left and the properties shown on the right as shown below


7) In the "Device Description" tab on the right, if the "Model Number" is listed as "NSM5300", then you are running on DELL hardware as shown below



8) You can stay on the devices tab and expand and click on each "Endra NSD" in the list on the left and see which units are NSM5300.

*NOTE: If the NSD is an NSM5200, then the Model Number will just be blank.

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