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How do you integrate MNL version 3 controllers into a SmartStruxure solution Automation Server?

  1. Import a device template per StruxureWare Building Operation release 1.3 Technical Reference Guide section 40.14. This procedure is used any time the device template was not pre-defined or has not been imported into the AS.
    The templates for the older MNL family of controllers can be downloaded from the Download Center. You should also download the associated readme file so that you understand the arrangement of the files in the folders of the zip file.

    We suggest that you download and unzip the entire file to your computer using the folder structure contained in the zip file. The readme file lists the xif files contained in each of the xif folders. The xif files contained in the xif_40 folder are already contained in the SmartStruxure 1.3 system.

    When importing these templates into StruxureWare 1.3, you may get some warnings about SelfDoc strings and possibly errors about missing DRF types. Both issues can be ignored. If errors are reported regarding missing DRF types, click the [No] button to continue the import process.
  2. After importing the template, you can then create the device under the LonWorks network as defined in the StruxureWare Building Operation Technical Reference Guidesection 40.2. The template that you imported will be listed based on the name and profile of the device. You can assign a name of your choice (or use the default) for the created device. After device NeuronID or using the service pin process to send it from the controller, you then commission the added device. You should select the option "Keep current configuration in the device". Do not check the "Device application file" because the I/A Series MNL controllers do not use loadable executable files.
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