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Please confirm if the below is possible: The under volatge trip in the LTMR ( 27) shall be configured as non latchable for all motor feeders and incomer.

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The under voltage trip can not be configured as non latchable. However you can configure the Undervoltage as warning instead of trip(fault). If so, the warning is removed immediately after the undervoltage condition is removed (non latch). 

If you configure the undervoltage as fault, it will trip and latch during undervoltage condition. If the customer requirement is to restart the load after a undervoltage trip, they can use "Load shedding" or "Automatic restart " function available in tesys T according to their requirement. Please refer the attachment for detailed understanding on "Load shedding" or "Automatic restart " function. 

We believe the information provided above will clarify your query. Please feel free to contact us for any of further assistance.
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