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What does the suffix's F1, M2, M3, N4, S6, and Y mean in Altivar VFD's?

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What do the suffix's F1, M2, M3, N4, S6, and Y  on the Altivar drives mean?

Product Line :
Altivar Drive

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Resolution : 
They stand for the voltage rating of the drives. 
Below lists the meaning of the suffixes most commonly found. 
The voltage range is typical, but may vary depending on the actual part number.   Consult the Installation manual for details.
All drives are intended for use with 3 phase motors.

F1 = 120V (+10%, -15%) Single Phase Input 
M2 = 230V (208-240V) Single Phase Input 
M3 = 230V  (208-240V) 3 Phase Input 
N4 = 460V  (400-480V) 3 Phase Input
S6 = 575V (500-600V) 3 Phase Input 
Y = 690V  (575-690V) 3 Phase Input

Some older, obsolete drives may not follow this convention.  Consult the manuals for the specific product for details.
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