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What is the Breaking Capacity (Icu) of C60N and C60L.
The maximum Breaking capacity (Icu) for C60N is 50KA and for C60L is 100KA in AC network, under 240/440V, in accordance with the standard IEC 60947-2....
Does USB Maintenance Interface TRV00911 need calibration.
The Maintenance Interface TRV00911 does not need any calibration before the Testing of Compact NSX.   Refer the attached document as Declaration of...
What is the derating table for the Combo Busbar of C60 as per temperature.
Find attached the derating table for the Combo Busbar for C60 as per temperature.  
Is the Canalis range of products KBA, KBB, KDP halogen free.
Yes, the Canalis range of products KBA, KBB and KDP are halogen free. The Declaration of Conformity is attached.
Ossiense XU - UL certificate of the XUMTAPCNM8 photoelectric sensor
Please find the UL certificate NRKH2.E164869 @ of the XUMTAPCNM8 photoelectric sensor (If you are not identified in the UL web site in 2019, refer...
Osisense XX _UL certificate of our XX* ultrasonic sensors
Please attached the UL certificate NRKH.E480783 of our XX* ultrasonic sensors, considered as "proximity switches" in the UL classification
Preventa XY2C - NISD UL certificate of the XY2CH, XY2CE, XY2CED & XY2CJ E.stop rope pull switches
Attached the NISD.E352710 UL certificate of our emergency stop rope pull switches XY2CH, XY2CE, XY2CED and XY2CJ. This NISD category covers emergency...
Preventa XCS_UL certificate of the XCSDMP, XCSDMC and XCSDMR magnetic switches
Please find attached the UL certificate n°NKCR.E164353 concerning Sensors auxiliary devices. In this certificate, the magnetic switches are classified...
Preventa XU - XUSL safety curtains - UL certificate
Find attached UL certificate NIPF.E198201, for the XUSLN, XUSLP, XUSLB/DM, XUSL2E/4E safety light curtains (AOPD) and the safety light curtains with...
UL certificate of the XCSDM3/4 magnetic systems
Please find attached the UL certificate NRKH.E164869, for our XCSDM3 & XCSDM4 magnetic systems, classified as proximity switches. They appear at the...
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