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What is the Pin out detail for the Modbus programming cable 110 XCA 20 3000?
The pin out details of the Modbus programming cable 110 XCA 20300 is as shown in the attached.  
What is the part number of the cable used for communication between TSXSCP114 PCMCIA card and other RS485 device.
TSXSCPCM4030 cable is required from TSXSCP114 PCMCIA card to the Modbus branching device TSXSCA50 for connecting other RS485 device on the Modbus...
What is the MTTF of Altivar 61 and Altivar 71.
Refer the attachment for the data of Mean Time To Fail (MTTF) for Altivar 61 and Altivar71 Drives.
The varplus logic controller dislpays "Step/Flty ALARM",What is the needed action to be taken?
Kindly note that a step is declared as defective after 3 unsuccessfull switching (no measured size). Thanks to check the connection: possibly fuse,...
Where can I find Modicon M340 Modules Firmware Compatibility Rules SV 2.30 ?
Here is attached  document concerning  firmware compatibility, exceptions and recommendations for Modicon M340 modules.
Where to find Quantum Low End Last Firmware History Version 3.51 ?
Here is attached Quantum Low End Last Firmware History file  of  Version 3.51 ?
Can the same mechanical interlock for LC1FL44 contactor be used for mechanical interlock of the new equivalent LC1F6304 contactor.
Yes, the same mechanical interlock LA9FL970 can be used for both the old LC1FL44 as well as for new equivalent LC1F6304 contactors. This is a horizontally...
How to display numeric value 123456789.45 in comma separated format on graphics page in Vijeo Citect?
Use following VBA script to convert numeric value to comma separated format. Function Test(varx As Variant) As Variant Test = Format(varx,"###,###,###0.00")...
What are the recommended Cable Sizes and the Tightening Torque values for the Multi9 Final Low Voltage (FLV) range of products?
The recommended Cable Sizes and the Tightening Torque values for the Multi9 Final Low Voltage (FLV) range of products is given in the attached document....
What is the difference between 31088 and 31097 key locking devices.
31097 key locking device is used for the Single Handle Source Changeover Assembly in which different type off cam is used. These cams are to be ordered...
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