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    Converting a venue from an ice rink to a basketball court in a day is a bold idea. EFFICIENT control of arena conditions with EcoStruxure™ Building means PNC Arena keeps its venue conversions optimised, its fans and players comfortable, and its business thriving.

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    Mastering the environment for maximum comfort and efficiency


    • PNC Arena in Raleigh, NC hosts a myriad of events ranging from major concert tours to family shows on ice, all of which require unique optimal conditions.

    • Switching from a basketball court to an ice hockey rink, and then to a stage show with special smoke effects, can be much easier with the right tools.



    Efficiency and Reliability with EcoStruxure
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    • Schneider Electric’s Building Management System (BMS) helps PNC Arena master its environment by allowing full control and automation of all the HVAC components: fans, motors, the air intake and outtake, humidifiers and dehumidifiers.

    • BMS allows for real-time, precise monitoring of the arena, and for changes to be automated through the push of a button.

    • It contributes to creating the optimal conditions that meet the requirements of the NHL or the NCAA, and helps cut down on energy costs by managing energy more wisely.

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    • 770,000 square feet
    • 65+ events hosted annually
    • A fully controlled and automated environment.
    • Not a single game cancelled due to poor playing conditions
    • A $300,000 decrease in utility bills over 6 years is credited mostly to Schneider Electric’s BMS