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    Altivar Process variable speed drives

    Optimized water pumping for optimized water tasting

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    More than just a drive

    Altivar Process variable speed drive for Oil & Gas applications

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    The first of its kind

    Altivar™ Process, the first ever variable speed drive with embedded services for industrial applications

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    Say hello to the first services-oriented drives

    Altivar Process delivers outstanding performance and helps optimize utility and industrial processes – it enables optimal energy and asset management, real-time intelligence, and seamless integration into automation architectures.
    • Case study First Quantum Minerals Mine, Finland

      An Altivar Process variable speed drive is tested for an underground fan application (dust ventilation) 1400m below ground at First Quantum Minerals for effects from exposure to vibration and dust after a controlled explosion.

    • Case study SLCE watermakers

      SLCE, a manufacturer of desalinators, uses Schneider Electric Altivar Process speed drives to ensure their customers have high-uptime of equipment and keep manufacturing costs down. The team at SLCE describe why they chose Altivar Process for their desalinator units.


      • Default Alternative Text Energy savings of up to 25%
      • Default Alternative Text Up to 20% downtime reduction
      • Default Alternative Text Increase operational efficiency by up to 25%*
      • Default Alternative Text Reduce total cost of ownership by up to 20%*
      • Default Alternative Text Altivar Process is now 80% recyclable
      • Default Alternative Text Packaging has been reduced by 64%

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