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      Flexible, light weight, and automated solutions to control your electrical distribution

      Medium Voltage Reclosers & Sectionalizers

      Flexible, light weight, and automated solutions to control your electrical distribution

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      Reducing cost and unnecessary outages are crucial. For any utility, maximum continuity of service is the first priority. You need this, without the need for a service call for every transient event in your overhead network. You need a flexible, cost-effective, and automated solution which allows you to intelligently and reliably control your distribution network.
      • Solutions

        Employ a low maintenance, light-weight, and automated solution for your single and three-phase overhead networks. Schneider Electric provides Automatic Circuit Reclosers and Sectionalizers for applications from manual sectionalizing to large scale DSA/SCADA controlled distribution networks and substations. Our solutions integrate advanced monitoring and control systems to completely control your network.
      • Value Proposition

        • Reduce purchasing, installation, and operating costs with intelligent solid-dielectric switchgear 
        • Integrate with ease powerful Advanced Monitoring and Control software and tools 
        • Minimize maintenance with complete control of your overhead network during transient or unstable conditions
      • Differentiation

        • A comprehesive range of solutions which easily integrates with our intelligent monitoring and control tools 
        • Flexibility and reliability with advanced insulating and interrupting technology 
        • Proven experience from small single-phase sectionalizing up to large-scale SCADA controls
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      Automated Circuit Reclosers and Sectionalizers allow you to reliably protect and maintain continuity of your electrical distribution system. Schneider Electric's offer can help you improve the control of your network or substation to reduce maintenance cost and improve service to your customers. Get ready to Make the Switch and allow complete control using our comprehensive Medium Voltage Overhead Switchgear solutions.


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        Gain complete control of your overhead distribution network
        Seamlessly integrate switchgear with powerful monitoring and analysis tools
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        Reduce lost revenue and operating cost with intelligent sectionalizers
        Optimize time spent by service crews by isolating local disturbances, while maintaining continuity elsewhere
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        Utilize advanced solid-dielectric technology for cost-effective and reliable protection
        Increase revenue on small scale to large scale networks and substations with robust technology