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    Desalination Plant Solutions

    • Business Case

      Adelaide Plant, Australia
      Schneider Electric and Acciona have partnered to build the control system for the Adelaide Desalination Plant that is climate independent and will ensure water is available even in times of low or no rainfal

    • Business case

      Veolia Sydney, Australia
      Sydney desalination plant chooses one-stop shop for all electrical, automation and energy management needs

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    • Desalination Plant Solutions

      At any stage of the water life cycle Altivar Process contributes to reduce energy consumption, increase operational efficiency and reduce cost of ownership

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      - Delivering plant construction on time and on budget - Maximising reliability and uptime - Reducing energy costs - Complying with regulations to protect marine life
      Aerial View Of Water Treatment Plant In Dekalb Illinois, water management.

      Desalination Plant Solutions

      Whether an existing plant or new, we’ll take your efficiency to the next level

      Value Proposition

      • Default Alternative Text Big solutions We power, automate and save energy in the world’s second largest desalination plant in Adelaide, Australia
      • EcoXpert icon Smart professionalism Partnering with renowned EPCs and consultants on some of the world’s largest smart desalination projects