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    Optimise operational performance with real-time data and information through open platforms across integrated systems

    Automation Solutions

    Water leaking from a joint between two large pipes, water management.


    - Connect and empower the community of water - Efficient modernisation of aging infrastructure - Leverage big data for business intelligence - Extend the life of assets and technology investments - Adopt technology intuitive to today's workforce - Integrated technologies to increase productivity
    worker at a water management facility

    Automation Solutions

    Harnessing open architectures for simplicity, reliability, and productivity
    • Process Control Solutions

      Process controllers from the company that invented the first PLC, and continues to lead in innovation and value. Find Out More
    • Remote Telemetry Solutions

      Better leverage and manage your remote assets with secure and robust solutions from the field to the office. Find Out More
    • Communications and cybersecurity

      Open, flexible and reliable industrial communications, and the means to secure them. Find Out More
    • Control Panel and Operator Interface Solutions

      Trusted, high-quality components, with the technologies and tools to improve productivity and reduce costs. Find Out More
    • HMI and SCADA Software

      Operator interface solutions for the management of critical infrastructure across multiple platforms and systems. Find Out More
    • Instrumentation Solutions

      Process and analytical instrumentation, Sensors, switches, positioners, recorders, controllers, and wireless technologies. Find Out More
    • Automation, Modernization and Upgrade Solutions

      Modernization strategies to improve reliability and functionality, while reducing life cycle costs and operational impacts. Find Out More